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T-mold vs. 3mm Edge


T-mold is extruded plastic edging in the shape of a “T”. The stem part is barbed and inserted into a slot in the core board by force. The friction barbs prevent the t-mold from coming out of the core. T-mold’s external surface is slightly rounded and provides impact protection to sides. T-mold is an economical edge option; in using T-mold edging, corners are rounded.


3mm is extruded 3mm (1/8”) thick plastic that is machine, hot glued to panel sides sealing edge, than machine trimmed to panel thickness. Edging provides impact protection to sides. In using 3mm, corners are square and more expensive than using T-mold. However, 3mm edging is a glued, sealed edge as opposed to T-mold which is friction fitted.

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