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Particleboard Core

Particleboard is an engineered, multi-layer, wood particle composite panel that is bonded together using thermosetting resins. Particleboard panels are designed for laminating. Particleboard weighs more than plywood but is more economical.

Plywood Core

Plywood is and engineered panel consisting of thin layers of wood that are directionally stacked (each layer rotated 90°) to provide strength and rigidity than pressed with a resin. Barricks uses 7-ply (layers) plywood. Plywood edges are more resistant to impact than particleboard, especially corners, also weighs less, but it more expensive.fics.

HPL- High Pressure Laminate

HPL is manufactured and stocked in finished sheets. HPL laminate is produced by bonding a decorative resin paper to layers of resin treated kraft paper under heat and pressure. HPL laminate sheets are then in a secondary operation glued to particleboard or plywood panels for table tops. HPL availability in sheets allows for a more extensive selection of laminate choices. HPL tops are considered by some to be more durable than TFl, but are more expensive for specifics.

TFL- Thermally- fused Laminate

TFL is stocked as finished panels. Decorative resin paper is directly bonded to a particleboard substrate panel. The process that seals the decorative paper to the panel make it virtually impossible to peel it away from the substrate. Selections of TFL are more limited than the HPL because TFL is stocked in complete laminated panels and have minimum purchase production quantities from board manufacturers; they do not maintain instock inventory such as HPL producers. TFL is less expensive than HPL.


T-mold is extruded plastic edging in the shape of a “T”. The stem part is barbed and inserted into a slot in the core board by force. The friction barbs prevent the t-mold from coming out of the core. T-mold’s external surface is slightly rounded and provides impact protection to sides. T-mold is an economical edge option; in using T-mold edging, corners are rounded.


3mm is extruded 3mm (1/8”) thick plastic that is machine, hot glued to panel sides sealing edge, than machine trimmed to panel thickness. Edging provides impact protection to sides. In using 3mm, corners are square and more expensive than using T-mold. However, 3mm edging is a glued, sealed edge as opposed to T-mold which is friction fitted.

Special Order Laminate

For HPL, Barricks offers an extensive number of Wilsonart custom laminates. (See tab at page X bottom to see selections) These laminates are defined special order/custom because they are not part of Barricks regular stocking program. They are the same quality item that is stocked. If you are considering selecting one, there are additional costs than using stocked laminate from the laminate vendor to cover separate handling, container costs and shipping. A custom quote will be provided. Leadtime also increases; it generally takes 10-12 work days to receive special/custom laminates, may be longer depending on laminate selected. As with costs, leadtime specifics are provided to make your decision.or specifics.

Chrome Legs

Chrome legs are a standard item or shown as standard alternative to painted legs on selected tables. This is referenced on specific tables. Alternatively, chrome legs are an option for most tables for an added cost. Costs vary depending on the table leg; there is an extended lead time for this option, Barricks Sales/ Customer Service quotes option specifics.

Special Heights

Special heights are available for most tables. There are limits to the extent changed height can be accommodated on a specific table. Special pricing may apply; contact Barricks Sales/ Customer Service to discuss.

Special Table Size

Even though Barricks offers an extensive selection of table size options, it routinely produces specific needed widths/lengths for customers. Please note at times changes to leg operation may be requited as a result of the special size. Special pricing may apply. Contact Barricks Sales/ Customer Service for a quote and to discuss need specifics.


Barricks has two caster options: (1) 2” Hooded Caster, (2) 3” Heavy Duty Caster. Each option has both locking and non-locking casters to select for your needs. Please note casters can only be used on selected tables due to the leg bracing support needed for casters. There is an increases cost adding casters, call Barricks Sales/ Customer Service for specifics.

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