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About Barricks

Barricks Manufacturing Company is a multi-line table and furniture manufacturer located in the Southeast. Barricks has been in business since 1953 with current private, family ownership in place for over 20 years. This business longevity is the result of providing quality products, having short lead times, and offering extensive selection of component options while making all products to order.

Barricks was originally established in the Midwest, but as the labor market changed across the US, it was relocated to its current location in 1982. In 1997, the present ownership purchased the business to expand and grow its potential. Under new ownership, a just in time inventory system was put into place; made to order production implemented, and lead times reduced to 5-7 work days. This was a significant change from industry standards at that time. The level of quality was raised along with the ability to efficiently produce a unit of one (1)- whether it was a standard or custom item.

In 2002, Barricks was asked to enter a new market. It took advantage of the opportunity to produce an office furniture line for a large distributor in North Carolina. Investments were made in new machinery, the facility was expanded which allowed further growth into yet another market. This new market- casegoods for senior living. The decision to enter this market was simple, as it transitioned from office furniture using the same equipment. Currently, Barricks supplies OEM senior living casegoods to several industry leaders.

Barricks uses its advantage of being a leader in these different markets to bring new designs, ideas, colors, and trends to customers while supplying quality product with short lead time.

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