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HPL- High Pressure Laminate

HPL is manufactured and stocked in finished sheets. HPL laminate is produced by bonding a decorative resin paper to layers of resin treated kraft paper under heat and pressure. HPL laminate sheets are then in a secondary operation glued to particleboard or plywood panels for table tops. HPL availability in sheets allows for a more extensive selection of laminate choices. HPL tops are considered by some to be more durable than TFl, but are more expensive.

TFL- Thermally- fused Laminate

TFL is stocked as finished panels. Decorative resin paper is directly bonded to a particleboard substrate panel. The process that seals the decorative paper to the panel make it virtually impossible to peel it away from the substrate. Selections of TFL are more limited than the HPL because TFL is stocked in complete laminated panels and have minimum purchase production quantities from board manufacturers; they do not maintain in stock inventory such as HPL producers. TFL is less expensive than HPL.

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